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Animes, Drachen, Phantasie, Tee, Spirituelles, Fotografieren, Kreativität, Edelsteine, Wandern und Spazierengehen, Schwachsinn, Leben, Lesen, Essen(Om nom nom), Pen and Paper Rollenspiele (Shadowrun und DSA), Austausch und Kommunikation, Herz, Geocaching

Filme und Serien die ich liebe

Crank, Dragonheart, In China essen sie Hunde, K-Pax, Monty Python Filme, Sieben, Studio Ghibli Filme, The Dark Knight, The Sixth Sense, Das Mädchen aus dem Wasser, Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht, Sin City, Dogma, Die Alien Quadrologie, Interview mit einem Vampir, Falling Down - Ein ganz normaler Tag, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Burke and Hare, Shawn of the Dead, Zombieland, Hot Fuzz - Zwei abgewichste Profis, Der blutige Pfad Gottes, Constantin, ...more to come


1. Animes(alles in Original Fassung) - Berserk, Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Monster, Hellsing OVA

2. Others - Dexter, Scrubs, My Name is Earl, Life, Misfits,

Light is a strange thing…
Light is a strange thing. Every lifeform tends towards it. It makes us feel comfortable, joyful, warm. But when we’re getting closer to it our shadows are growing,too. So sometimes people who are closer to the light looking around, seeing their big shadow and getting afraid… they start to doubt themselves “Why is my shadow so big? Didn't I walk towards the light?” and they close their eyes…

But suddenly they realize, that it’s getting even darker and they can’t see the light anymore. So they wandering around, with closed eyes, afraid of opening them again expecting to see large and dark shadows… forgetting that light is all around them.

Where’s light, there’s darkness… and on our way through life, life itself is the materia that drops the shadow. We can’t avoid it. That’s how things are. But that’s okay. Everyone drops a shadow. Without shadows, we would be blinded by the light and without light we wouldn’t be able to see the world around us.

Just keep walking, enjoy the view and enjoy your rests in the shadow and remember : When you’re coming closer to the light, your shadows will seem even bigger and darker. But they are still just shadows, they can’t harm you. They are part of you. And they are essential for our lives. Let’s all keep our eyes open…